Can I Browse the Internet Using a Kindle E Ink Reader?

Do you own a Kindle Paperwhite, a Kindle Oasis or any other Kindle E Ink Reader? Are you wondering whether or not it’s possible for you to access the internet on the device? If yes, then this article will answer those questions. The thing to understand is that Kindle e readers are primarily meant to be used to read books. And they are very beautiful in the way they execute this function. If you own one, you will understand what I mean. Instead of suffering under the glare that you usually get when reading ebooks on a tablet or on a computer, e-ink readers revolutionize the way through which you consume your books. But, can you browse the internet on a Kindle eBook reader?

Can Kindle E-Ink Readers be used to browse the internet?

The answer is yes, you can browse the internet using you Kindle e-ink reader. If you have a Kindle Paperwhite or a Kindle Oasis, you can use the device to browse the internet.

The experimental browser on Kindle e-ink readers

Latest Kindle e ink readers come with an experimental browser. The browser has been experimental for over five years! So, you can guess that the folks at Amazon are not really serious about having people use their Kindle e-book readers to browse the internet.

Is the browser on a Kindle e-ink reader good?

So, yes, the Kindle Paperwhite, the Kindle Oasis and the Kindle comes with an experimental browser? But is it good? The answer is no. The browser on the Kindle will get you onto the internet but you will probably not be able to do anything else there. You will not, as an example, be able to watch YouTube videos.

Why is there a browser on Kindle e ink readers?

Thing is, the browser on Kindle e ink readers is probably only meant to get you to buy books from the Kindle store. You can also probably read news on the device. However, the experience is not going to be that good. For one thing, Kindle e ink readers have black and white screens. So, if you are used to the color that’s on your computer or on your tablet, you will find the experience rather strange.

Personally, I don’t actually use the browser on my Kindle Paperwhite. I don’t even use it for buying books. What I do when I want to buy books is I go onto my computer and access the Kindle store from there. Then I connect my Kindle Paperwhite to the internet via WIFi and all my books get synced onto my device.

The reason why I do this is I literally judge books by their covers. So, I don’t really have a way of judging whether or not I am going to enjoy a book based on the thumbnail that I see on the black and white screen. I know, this is a bit shallow, but it’s what I do. I need to see a book’s cover in color to be able to decide whether or not I am going to enjoy it. So, that’s it. Yes, you can browse the internet on your Kindle e-book reader. But the experience will probably be rather limited.

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