What Can You do With a Kindle Paperwhite?

Have you just received a Kindle Paperwhite as a gift? Or perhaps you got a Kobo Aura or a Nook Glowlight? Are you wondering what to do with the device? If yes, then this article is for you. Before you throw away the gift in confusion, I am going to teach you how to use your e ink reader. To be frank, there is nothing mysterious about the Paperwhite, the Kobo, the Nook or any other eBook reader for that matter. It’s only that you may never have heard of it; which is quite surprising. E ink readers such as the Kindle have been around for quite some time, and they have been gaining in popularity over the years. Anyway that is all beside the point. So, what can you do with a Kindle Paperwhite?

What is an e ink reader?

E ink readers are electronic devices that are designed for the purpose of enabling people to store and read books in various formats. The devices are made of what is called e ink, a form of electronic ink that is designed to closely mimic the appearance and behavior of real paper.

What do I do with my e ink reader?

As you can see from the definition, e ink readers are primarily tools that enable people to store and read books in electronic format. So, to the question; what do I do with my Kindle Paperwhite, the answer is, you read books. I know, books may sound like something of a chore for some people, but if you read even one every now and again, you will love your new e ink reader.

What’s so special about e ink readers?

This is another question that you may end up asking yourself after receiving your e ink reader. Truth of the matter is, there are many ways through which we can store and read books. You can, as an example, go to the library if you are looking to read books. I mean, to a real bricks and mortar library. Alternatively, you can download an app onto your PC that gives you access to books from sellers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. These big names, as it turns out, are actually behind some of the best know e ink reader brands that can be found out there. You also have the option of downloading an app onto your Smartphone or tablet and reading books in digital format on there. So, why would you need an e ink reader?

Why e-ink readers are special

E-ink readers are rather special. Forget all that about reading books on your PC, your Smartphone or anywhere else. Nothing beats reading a book on an e-ink reader. Okay, maybe the experience is at par with reading a real paper-and-ink book, but where are you going to find one of those these days? I own a Kindle Paperwhite, and the device has completely changed my behavior as far as books are concerned. Heck, it has changed my behavior, period. My wife is annoyed at me because I spent so much time reading books. E-ink readers are truly a cultural phenomenon. The following, in any case, are some of the reasons why e-ink readers are so special;

  • They are comfortable to read on. This, without doubt, is the major appeal for e-ink readers. If you turn on that Kindle Paperwhite that you have just received, one of the things that you will notice is the remarkable clarity of the screen. In fact, you get a clarity on there that’s at part with what you get when reading paper books.
  • You can read in the sun without having to worry about glare. This is another major advantage of e ink readers. Try reading a novel on a tablet or on your laptop, and you are likely to end up with a headache. The same cannot be said for e-ink readers. The reading experience, as already stated, is at par with that on real books. In fact, you can read books from most e-ink readers while seated in direct sunlight.
  • E ink readers are frugal when it comes to power consumption. Again, this is an advantage when compared to reading books on a computer or tablet. With an e ink reader, you do not have to worry about running down your battery. Okay, so part of this probably has to do with the fact that e-ink readers tend to be dedicated devices. My Kindle Paperwhite, as an example, is dedicated to reading books and nothing else. It does not phone, it does not take photos. Even the internet experience is only so you can buy more books. In short, it’s a device that does not lend itself to gimmickry. So, power consumption is rather minimal. There is also the fact that e-ink technologies are frugal by their very nature. That’s because they truly behave like paper. Once an image has been painted onto your screen, the device does not need to continue using power to maintain that image. Power is only consumed when switching over to another image. As a result, most e-ink readers have batteries that are rated for several weeks. For the Kindle Paperwhite 2019 edition, battery life is rated at up to 6 weeks! That’s a whole month without having to recharge your battery.
  • You can store thousands upon thousands of books on your e-ink reader. That’s another major advantage of having an e-ink reader. Most of the devices that are out there have beginning from 4GB in storage. Most people are tempted, when buying, to go for ones that have higher storage capacities. However, truth of the matter is, you will be hard pressed to fill up 4GB with books. My Kindle has 8GB and I haven’t even used up 2GB. Yet I am an avid reader and have hundreds of books on the device.

E ink readers are for books

Anyway, that’s it! Hope I have shown you what to do with your Kindle Paperwhite, or any other e-ink reader for that matter. The gadget that you have just received is meant for reading books and comics. To get started, simply head over to Amazon’s Kindle Store and you will be able to buy eBooks on there.

Whatever the genre you are into, I guarantee that you will be able to find something for yourself there. Once you have bought your book, it should now be synced to your Kindle. (You need to create Amazon account first, then sign into your Kindle using your account details. Your books will now be synced to your device).

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