Can you read eBooks on a Computer?

Can you read eBooks on a computer? eBooks are all the rage at the moment and their popularity has spawned a wide variety of ancillary activities. Today, the e-ink reader business, as an example, has grown into an industry that’s worth billions of dollars. There are also thousands of people out there who are now surviving as armature writers. The somewhat raw content that they produce on a daily basis can, admittedly, be painful to read.

However, once in a while, one comes across a real gem, and it all becomes worth the while. If you are an avid eBooks reader, one of the questions that you may have asked yourself at one point or the other is whether or not it is possible to read your books on a computer. This is a pertinent question, particularly if you do not yet have an eBook reader, such as the Kindle Paperwhite. So, can you read eBooks on a computer?

Yes, you can read eBooks on a computer

The answer is yes, eBooks can be read on a computer. All that you need to do to get started is download a relevant app. I have, as an example, the Kindle for PC app on my laptop. You can also download the Kobo desktop app. This gives me the ability to read whatever book I buy or download for free from the Kindle store.

Syncing of books across multiple devices

The Kindle app allows me to synchronize my books across a wide range of devices. Most of this is done automatically. If, as an example, I have downloaded a book and am reading it on my Kindle Paperwhite, it also gets synced to the Kindle App on my PC. So, should I forget my Paperwhite somewhere, I can rest assured knowing that I can continue reading on my PC.

Disadvantages of reading eBooks on a computer

However, just because you can read eBooks on your computer doesn’t mean you should do it. In fact, I have never actually read a full novel on my laptop, Kindle app or no Kindle app. And why is that the case?

  • The screen on a computer tends to be rather full of glare. This makes reading a book on one a pain in the neck. If you have ever tried it, you will realize that you mostly end up with a headache for your effort.
  • A computer is not portable. So, you cannot, as an example, read your book while in the John. I know, it’s a crude example, but almost all e-ink reader owners will admit to have done it at some point in time.
  • With regard to laptops, the battery does not last that long when compared to e ink readers. If you are nowhere near a power source, you are, therefore, likely to run out of power after a few hours.

Best way to enjoy reading eBooks

If you are a bookworm like me, then you will always be on the lookout for ways through which you can improve your reading experience. As I have already insinuated, there is really no need for you to strain your eyes while trying to read eBooks on a PC or laptop. Not when e-ink readers have become as cheap as they are at the moment.

Get an e-ink reader

If you have not yet heard of them, e-ink readers are devices that have revolutionized the way in which books in digital format are consumed. But what’s so wonderful about them? Well, just consider the following facts;

  • E-ink allows you to read books in the sun without any glare. Yes, that’s right. You can read your favorite books anywhere, even in broad sunlight, without having to worry about straining your eyes.
  • E ink readers are designed to mimic the experience of reading real, made-of-paper books. That’s the most appealing aspect about them. Most of the e-ink readers that are out there were designed for the sole purpose of being used for reading books. They are, therefore, good at what they do.
  • E-ink readers are portable. This is another quality that gives e ink readers their popularity. You can take yours on the train, on the bus, on a plane… anywhere.
  • Battery life on e-ink readers is a marvel. The advertised battery life of the Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation, as an example, is up to 5 weeks. Though this is based on questionable assumptions (eg that one is going to read a book for only 30 minutes every day), battery life on the devices is still rather impressive.

Which e-ink reader should I choose?

There are a wide range of choices when it comes to e-ink readers. What you settle for is going to depend on your preferences. I personally settled for the Kindle Paperwhite, though I wouldn’t mind getting the pricier Kindle Oasis. Other well known brands include Kobo, and Sony. Anyway, feel free to check out this page to see some of the best e-ink readers that can be found on the market today. The page splits them into categories based on size. I can guarantee you that whichever you end up choosing, the experience that you are going to get at the end of the day is going to be amazing!

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