Do E Readers Need Screen Protectors?

Do e readers need screen protectors? That new e ink reader that you have just bought looks really good right? I mean, if it’s the 2019 Kindle Paperwhite (10th Generation), it comes with a screen that is flush with the bezel, which is a departure from previous iterations of this famous device. Or maybe, you have a Kobo or a Nook? Anyway, no sooner have you gotten your e reader, than you start being all possessive about the device.

It’s only natural, if you know what I mean. Most electronic devices cost so much that it would be a travesty to have to buy a new one a few weeks down the line because of a cracked screen. Each time that we buy a new gadget, we impulsively want to slap a screen guard on the screen. We also impulsively want to wrap new gadgets in a cover as soon as we get them. But, do e readers need screen protectors? Do they need all this protection? The answer will surprise you!

You don’t actually need a screen guard on your E Reader!

My answer to the above question is, please; don’t put a screen protector on your E Ink reader. Whether it’s a Kindle, a Kobo, a Nook or some other Chinese knockoff, your E Ink Reader does not need a screen guard. I don’t know how to emphasize this.

If you put a screen protector on your E Ink reader, you will only be spoiling the reading experience. That’s because e ink displays are specifically designed to give you the best in terms of reading experience.

Why you should never put a screen guard on an E Ink Reader

The following are some of the reasons why you should never put a screen guard on a Kindle Paperwhite;

  • The screen on an E Ink reader is designed to reduce glare. You can actually read in direct sunlight on one of these devices. By putting a screen guard on the gadget, you are effectively reintroducing glare. That’s bad. You might as well read on your tablet or on your computer.
  • Screen protectors are notoriously difficult to put on. Even if you buy one that claims to be glare free, you are liable to have bubbles on them. Again, this can only serve to mar the reading experience.
  • E Ink displays are mostly scratch free. You can use one for years without getting any scratches on there. I have been using my Kindle Paperwhite for over a year and a half now, and the thing still looks like new. And I probably use mine more than the average person. The screen on e ink displays is not made of glass, hence the scratch resistance. There are actually some e ink readers that are flexible.

How about a tampered glass protector?

Well. If you are thinking about putting a tampered glass protector on your e-ink reader, you are definitely crazy! I am sorry to say that but it’s true! You need a shrink or something! Tampered glass protectors on e-ink readers only serve to spoil the reading experience.

You do not need one on your device! It’s actually strange that people would be looking for these. It’s even stranger that the good folks in China would take the time to produce them. Or perhaps not that strange; China will produce almost anything these days.

Should I buy a case/cover for my E Ink Reader?

This is another question that most people ask themselves after getting their e ink readers. The answer is; yes, you can be excused for getting a cover for you eBook reader. However, there are some covers that are downright uncomfortable. The one that I got for my Kindle is atrocious. I am always thinking about throwing it into the bin. Anyway, you should probably get a well designed case on your e ink reader. The ones that I find most comfortable are those that have ridges, which enables you to fold the cover while reading. 

So, there you have it! What do you think? Do you have a screen guard on your e ink reader? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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