Can I Read non-Kindle Books on a Kindle?

Can I read non-Kindle books on a Kindle? If you own a Kindle Paperwhite, or any other Kindle e ink reader for that matter, this is a question that you are likely to be confronted with at one point or the other. Perhaps you have purchased eBooks from other sources and you wish to read them on your Kindle. Those that own Kindle e readers will attest to their beauty as reading devices. They eliminate the problem of glare that’s typical of computers and have the look and feel of real books. Anyway, after buying your book, you may be looking to transfer it to your Kindle to have a better reading experience. So, can you read non-Kindle books on a Kindle?

Yes, you can read non-Kindle books on a Kindle

The answer is, yes, you can read non Kindle books on a Kindle. If you have a Kindle Paperwhite, as an example, it’s easy for you to transfer books from your computer to the device. Amazon will not brick your Kindle should you choose to do so! I know, most people are worried about this. They imagine that Amazon is always looking at their Kindles and will penalize them should they get books from other sources onto their devices. (The sources may be either scrupulous or unscrupulous) Whatever the case, people are worried that Amazon will punish them for having non-Kindle books on a Kindle.

Your Kindle is Yours

Should Amazon try to control the content that gets on Kindles, they would probably face a legal backlash. After all, you are not renting your Kindle from Amazon. You bought your Kindle and it’s fully yours. You are therefore, not restricted in the type of books that you can put on there.

Non-Kindle books need to be in the right format to be read on a Kindle

Here is the thing; all none Kindle books need to be in a format that Kindle can read if they are to be accessed through a Kindle. The following are some of the formats that Kindle e-readers will accept;

  • AZW,
  • AZW3,
  • PDF,
  • TXT,
  • MOBI,
  • PRC,
  • KFX

What if my book is not in the right format?

What if your book is in a format other than the ones given above? Will it still be possible for you to read them on a Kindle? The good news that such books can still be accessed through your Kindle. All that you need to do is convert them to the right format. If, as an example, you have an ebook in the EPUB format, it’s easy enough for you to convert it to MOBI for reading on a Kindle. There are tens of platforms out there where you can convert books into formats that can be accessed using a Kindle. I normally use Online Convert.

Will the conversion cost me money?

No, converting your book to a Kindle format can be done free of charge. Almost all the platforms that offer the service do so free of charge.

How long does it take to convert a book to a Kindle format?

Let’s say, as an example, you have MOBI ebook? How long will it take you to convert it to MOBI? Well, the good news is that converting your books into a format that Kindle will accept is a matter of a few seconds. All that you need to do is upload the book and the process will be done in less than a minute.

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