What is an E Ink Reader?

What is an e-ink reader? It’s a question that a lot of people have been asking themselves? Perhaps you have had of the Kindle or of the Kobo. Ereaders have been making the waves over the past few years. If you buy one, you won’t ever want to go back to reading books the “normal” way.

What’s an ereader?

And e-ink reader is an electronic device containing an e-ink display, that is used for reading books, comics and magazines.

Are e-ink displays limited to these applications?

In theory, e-ink screens can be used just like any other display technology. However, e-ink displays still have limitations. For one thing, they are still black and white. E ink devices also tend to have slow refresh rates, making them impractical for things like watching videos.

Examples of E Ink Readers

The following are some of the examples of e-ink readers;

  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Kobo Aura
  • Kobo Clara
  • Nook Glowlight
  • Boox Nova
  • Boox Max
  • remarkable

What are e-ink displays made of?

E ink stands for electronic ink. E-ink is a type of electronic ink that is designed to closely imitate the qualities of real ink. Each e-ink display has millions of micro-capsules containing either white or black pigment. Black capsules are positively charged while white capsules are negatively charged. They are separated by a thin layer of transparent fluid. When a negative charge is applied to the bottom of the positively charged particles, they are repelled. They then rise and are “painted” onto the screen, thus producing the image that you see. Doing the opposite of this reverses the process.

Qualities of e-ink readers

E ink readers have proven to be popular due to the following factors;

  1. Power saving: E ink readers produce massive energy savings when compared to Smartphones and tablets. That’s because no power is used after an image has been painted on the screen. Energy is only used when shifting from one page to the other.
  2. They have no glare: E ink displays do not produce glare. You can, therefore, read books in broad sunlight without having to worry about damaging your eyes. That makes for a very comfortable reading experience.
  3. E ink readers are cheap: Another reason why e ink readers have proven to be so popular is because they are affordable. Part of this affordability appears to stem from the fact that companies such as Amazon appear to subsidize their devices. For them, the money comes in when people buy books from the Kindle Store. They, therefore, want to get as many of the e readers out there as is possible at whatever cost.

Hope I have answered the question; “what is an e reader.” Just to sum up, an e ink reader is a device for reading books. It’s made from an e-ink display. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you have something to say!

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