Best E Reader for Kids 2020

BOOX Nova2 7.8 ePaper Eink Tablet

Okay, time for us to take a look at an ereader for kids that’s not a Kindle. This one may be best suited for older kids, though we think it would actually appeal even to younger ones. The great thing about the Boox Nova2 is that your kid can use it to jot notes using the stylus pen.

So, this may actually be the best option or those looking for the best classroom reader for kids. The Boox Nova2 is not just for reading books. It’s also for taking notes. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but that’s clearly worth it. So, what on offer in this e-ink reader?

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  • Google Play
  • 7.8 inch screen
  • 300ppi display
  • 1872×1404 resolution
  • Sleek design
  • Adjustable warm light
  • USB-C

What’s different about the Boox Nova2?

So, what is it that sets the Boox Nova2 from the other ereaders for kids that we looked at in this article? Well, there are a few things;

The Boox Nova2 runs on Android

The  Boox Nova2 is not a Kindle and that comes with a number of advantages. For one thing, this device comes with Google Play so you can install apps from the play store. That’s something that you are not going to be able to do with the Kindle for Kinds or with the Kindle Oasis.

The ability to install apps is something your kids are also probably going to appreciate. The Boox Nova2 offers better flexibility in terms of what your kids can do on their device.

USB-C charging and data transfers
The Boox Nova2 comes with USB C for faster charging and data transfer

Another major difference that makes the Boox Nova2 a better option than any Kindle is that it comes with a USB C charger. It means charging is way quicker. And transferring books is also way quicker. On top of that, you can connect the Boox Nova2 to a USB flash or external SSD drive via cable.

Who is the Boox Nova2 for?

So, who is the Boox Nova2 for? Which age groups would love it the most? Well, we can imagine that this device would work great both for teenagers and college students. As we noted, it’s good for taking notes. It’s also good for reading.

User feedback for the Boox Nova2

So, what do people who have already bought the Boox Nova2 say? Is this a good e reader for kids for the year 2020? Here are a couple of things that you need to know;

The Boox Nova 2 has a good rating

Overall, the rating for this e-reader is good. It’s clearly a good alternative for those looking for something that’s not a Kindle. The fact that the Boox Nova2 runs on Android means you can install any reading app.

That could be the Kindle App or the Kobo app. So, you are not tied to one book store. You can also read any other book that you may have. This is possible on the Kindle, but you first need to convert them to MOBI.

Google Play can be difficult to set up

One of the major challenges is that Google Play can be difficult to install on this device. It would probably be better if it came preinstalled and all that you needed to do was to carry out an update.

Summary: What’s the best e reader for kids for 2020?

Now that you have looked at all the best e readers for kids, which one are you going to choose? The Kindle for Kids is great because it’s the one ereader that’s made specifically for kids. The Oasis is good for older kids. If you need something that has all the options in terms of surfing the web, watching movies and listening to movies, you should check out the Fire 7 Kids Edition.

Finally, the Boox Nova2 is good for those looking for a customizable alternative to the Kindles. Not only can you install all the e-reader software that allows you to access all books from all stores, but it also comes with a stylus pen, making it great for those looking to jot notes.