Best E Reader for Kids 2020

The all-new Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis is, without doubt, the best e-ink reader in the Kindle family. It’s priced well above the Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite, and for good reason. The Oasis is the premium offering. The good news is that you get your money’s worth when you buy it. The Oasis is clearly an adult product, so why does it qualify as a Kindle for kids?

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It’s good for older kids

The reason why we included the All-new Kindle Oasis on our list of the best e readers for kids is that it’s good for teenagers whose reading culture is well developed. Imagine buying a Kindle Kids Edition or a Fire 7 Kids Edition for your teenage son or daughter. At that age, they have already probably outgrown those devices.

The Kindle for Kids that we reviewed at the top is mostly suitable for kids who are just starting to get into books. This one is for those who are well on the way to become avid readers. So, the Oasis is a Kindle good for kids. At least for teenagers. But, what features can you expect to find on the device?


  • 300ppi screen
  • Adjustable light
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Non glare e-ink screen
  • Adjustable warm light
  • Millions of books

Is this different from the Kindle Kids Edition?

So, how different is the All-new Kindle Oasis from the Kindle for Kids? Well, in terms of screen, both have 300ppi e-ink displays. The same applies for the Kindle Paperwhite, which you can also buy for you kids. That makes them great for reading books. It means you can read your books almost anywhere without having to worry about glare.

However, the shortfalls that we noted in the Kindle for Kids are also present in the All-new Kindle Oasis. The black and white screen is probably not what kids are looking for. They are looking for something to get them online so they can chat with their friends, watch movies and listen to music.

Of course, the very idea of looking for a good reader for kids is to make sure that your children develop a reading habit. Once they are on their way, they will appreciate the amazing power of the Kindle readers. If you would rather get them something that allows them to also go online, you can get the Kindle Fire 7 Kids Edition. That’s a full tablet and it should do.

The All-new Kindle Oasis has physical buttons

One of the major differences between all the other latest Kindles and the All-new Kindle Oasis is that the latter comes with physical buttons. These are for turning pages. The buttons allow you to read your books one handed. The buttons work whether you are left or right handed.

The Kindle Oasis is Waterproof

Waterproofing is a feature that’s now available on all Kindle Paperwhites and on the Kindle Oasis. This can actually be a useful feature, particular where kids are concerned. We are always asked; what makes a good reader for kids.

Well, one answer is that a good reader for children needs to be able to withstand the harsh treatment that it gets from kids. This includes being dipped in water. The great thing about the All-new Kindle Oasis is that it can be used in the bath or out in the rain without any issues.

Access to millions of books

The really cool thing about buying a Kindle for your kids is that you instantly get access to millions of books that you can download for them to read. Go to the Kindle store today, and you can also get thousands of books free. So, your kids will never want for something to read.

Buyer feedback for the Kindle Oasis?

So, what do people who have already bought the All-new Kindle Oasis say about it? We noted elsewhere that manufacturers will say anything about their products. However, to truly get a glimpse into performance, you need to first check online reviews before buying something. Anyway, the following is what people have been saying about the Oasis;

It’s beautifully designed

Design is an important aspect, particularly when it comes to buying an ereader for teenagers. The All-new Kindle Oasis comes in a slim, sleek aluminum design that your kids will love to flaunt around. The Oasis also comes with backlighting, meaning your kids will be able to read their books in the dark without disturbing anyone else.

Little processing lag

Another thing about the Oasis is that it does a better job of processing page turns than all the other Kindle e-ink readers that are on the market today. If you have ever had a kindle Paperwhite, as an example, you will know that page turns are noticeably slow.

There is a momentary flash on the screen as you move the next page that you will not find on conventional tablets. It’s like the processor is having a bit of a problem processing the page. Anyway, the All-new Kindle Oasis does not have this issue.

The Screen flips over for left-handed people

The screen on the Kindle Oasis can be flipped for use by both left and right handed people. In essence, that means your kid could have it in one hand while taking notes in the other. That’s great and makes this a good buy for those on the hunt for a classroom reader for kids.

Battery life is great

Battery life on the Kindle Oasis is good enough that your kid will probably never need to worry about running out. Amazon promises that you will get weeks of battery power on an average use of 30-40 minutes per day. However, that’s probably a bit too optimistic.

People, particularly those that read novels, want to know whether or not the device will take them through to the last word. The good news is that e-ink readers are highly efficient. So, you will probably be able to read up to 5 standard novels without needing to recharge your device.

Access to Audible

The All-new Kindle Oasis also comes with Audible, meaning your kids will be able to access thousands of audio books. That’s a great option for those that are not into reading. Instead, you can get your kids motivated to learn more through the use of audio books.


The All-new Kindle Oasis is way more expensive than the Kindle Kids Edition and the Kindle Fire 7. So, is it worth the extra expense? Well, for teenagers, this would be a great buy. It all depends on how far you are willing to go for your kids. For preteens and even for teenagers, you the Kindle for Kids will do.

You may also wish to check out the Kindle Paperwhite. You could even try the base Kindle ereader. It’s also a great option for the best e reader for kids 2020. And it’s way cheaper.