Best E Reader for Kids 2020

Are you looking for the best e reader for kids for 2020? If yes, then this article is for you. We have compiled a list of some of the best ereaders for kids that can be found on the market today. Below is a table of contents showing the topics that we cover in this post. Feel free to click on a link to jump to the relevant section;

Table of Contents

  1. Best ereader for kids 2020 table
  2. How to choose the best e reader for your kids
  3. Best e reader for kids reviews:
  4. Kindle Kids Edition Review
  5. Fire 7 Kids Edition Review
  6. Kindle Oasis for Teenagers Review
  7. Boox Nova2 for College Kids Review

Best ereader for kids 2020 table

Please note that prices shown below may be different from the ones obtaining on Amazon. Amazon tries to give you the best price and there are constant changes in this regard. However, the widgets do not always get updated in real time.

Product Image Kids Range Connectivity Review Check Price
Kids Edition
WiFi Read Amazon
Fire 7 Kids Edition -Preteens
WiFi Read Amazon
Kindle Oasis Teenagers -WiFi
Read Amazon
Boox Nova 2 College WiFi Read Amazon

How to choose an e reader for your kids

So, how do you choose the best e reader for your child? What makes a good ereader for kids? That’s an important question that we try to answer in this article. The following are a few of the issues that you need to think about when selecting an e-ink reader for your kids;

  • Age
  • Durability
  • Waterproofing
  • Is the e reader specifically designed for kids?
  • Storage capacity
  • Ability to be used for video and internet
  • Battery life

Consider age when choosing the best e reader for kids

How old is the kid for which you want to buy an e-ink reader?

This is the first element that you are going to need to take into considering when buying an e reader for your kid. How old is your child? Age is important because it determines how they are going to treat the gadget that you buy for them.

Getting a thousand dollar tablet for a toddler, as an example, would probably be tantamount to throwing money down the drain. A few days down the line, and the thing will mostly likely have a cracked screen or will probably have been immersed in water or chewed into submission.

Which age groups did we consider in this article?

You will notice that in this article, we looked at the best ereaders suitable for kids in various age groups. You could say we cheated a little because we went all the way to e readers for college kids. Those are essentially suitable for adults, but we wanted to cover everyone because; well, kids are still kids. Anyway, the following are some of the age groups that we looked at in this article;

  • Preteens
  • Teenagers
  • College kids

What’s the difference?

But what does it matter? Well, a teenage girl is going to have different requirements for their gadgets than a college going kid. So, this is something that you need to take into consideration when choosing e ink readers for kids.

Ideally, the best e reader for kids will be specifically suited for a particular age group. However, it has to be said that most of the e-ink readers on the market could conceivably be used by kids; with the addition of a sturdy cover.


Related to age, durability is a major factor when choosing an ereader for kids. Very young kids are obviously not going to treat their e ink readers kindly. So, you need to buy a device that can take the punishment.

As children grow, they become better able to take care of their devices. So, you could conceivably get away with buying them an e-reader for adults. Thing is, e ink readers are, generally speaking, quite sturdy.

They are not as temperamental as tablets, as an example. They are much lighter, and the consequences of a fall are not as dire. Anyway, you could always make sure that the ebook reader that you are buying for your kids is protected using a strong cover.


Part of being durable involves being able to withstand being dipped into water. That is particularly the case when it comes to younger kids. You will probably be better off buying an e reader that comes with waterproofing, such as the newest ranges of Kindles.

Designed specifically for kids

Sadly, there are not many e readers on the market today that are designed specifically for kids. The only company that has gone this direction is Amazon with its Kindle Kids Edition. Anyway, being designed with children in mind is important, since it means consideration was taken to carter for all the potential pitfalls that come from being used by children.

However, as already noted, all is not lost, even if you are not willing to buy a Kindle. There are many options for making e readers kid friendly. You could simply buy a kid friendly cover for any other e-ink reader to make it suitable for kids. Some people add screen guards to their e-ink readers, though we believe that’s not necessary and only serves to spoil the reading experience.

Storage capacity

This one applies whether or not one is buying an ebook reader for a kid or for an adult. Storage capacity has been growing on e readers over the past few years. The latest Kindle e-ink readers have up to 36 GB in storage. But does anyone need that much?

Storage devices

Well, that’s debatable. And it’s going to depend on what you do with your e reader. Different files types take different amounts of space. If you are into graphics heavy comics, as an example, you are going to need more storage. Your storage requirements are also going to depend on whether or not you retain books on your ebook reader.

Some people instantly delete books that they are done with, while others like to keep every book that they have ever read. Whatever your preferences, it has to be noted that storage capacity is probably not something that you need to worry about for e readers. Even on a device that has 4GB, you will have a hard time filling it to capacity. And if you do, you will have thousands of books on there; enough to last you years.

Ability to play video and go to the internet

This is a contentious one; because there are people out there who will say an e-reader should be made of e-ink. So, the fact that we have included a device in this article that’s a normal tablet tends to be controversial.

To be frank, e-ink readers are wonderful when it comes to reading books. The moment you buy one, you realize you have been missing out. The fact that you can read your books in any setting, including outside in the sun, makes these wonderful devices.

But we are talking about kids here. Most of them are going to be looking for something that can play video and music and that can go online. They will want something that they can use to connect to Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.

Ability to play music

This is another point on which you need to look at when choosing the best ebook reader for kids. If your kids are anything like the average, they will be very much into music. So, you may have to look for a device that’s capable of streaming music, either via Bluetooth or through a headphones jack.

Of course, this issue is, once again, debatable. Some people will say E ink readers are for reading books and one of their major attractions is that they don’t do gimmicks. They are good for reading books, and they are very good at that.

Anyway, for better or for worse, we have included the option of a Kindle Fire tablet here. That essentially broadens your choices, which is important, particularly for kids. So, if you want a device that reads books better than a tablet but that’s also a tablet, then you may have to do with that.

The best ereader for kids should support multiple formats

Related to the above point is the fact that ebooks come in a wide range of formats. The most common are EPUB, MOBI and PDF. The ability to play multiple formats is another factor that you are going to need to take into consideration if you want to buy an e-reader for your kid.

The good news is that all is not lost. If there is a book in a format that is not supported by your reader, it’s a simple enough matter of converting that book into a supported format. There are thousands of converters out there, most of which are free.

Battery life

Consider buying an ebook reader with the best battery life

Battery life also tends to be another important consideration when choosing the best e-reader for kids. In fact, it’s a major consideration when choosing any eink reader for anyone. However, for kids, the issue is doubly important because they tend to play around a lot with their devices, which can be a drain on the battery.

We do have to note that battery life on most ereaders is remarkably good. In fact, you can go for weeks without needing to recharge yours. So, this issue, though important, is probably not going to be that big a deal.

Best e-ink readers for Kids Reviews

It’s now time for us to briefly review each of the e-readers for kids that we featured in the table at the beginning of this article. The goal is to make it easy for you to choose a device that works best for your children. So, where shall we start?

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